Friday, November 7, 2008

7 Random Things About Me Meme

Mo from Un-Mainstream Mom Reads tagged me for this meme:

1. I've been reading since I was 3 years old. I was reading Stephen King before I was even officially a teenager but at the same time, I have never had a problem with reading young adult fiction either. Matter of fact, I'm reading one now!

2. I'm not exactly OCD but I do have a thing about germs. If I think something is dirty (like a doorknob) I can't talk myself out of going to scrub my hands. Which is sometimes a problem since I can't stand to have dry hands and constantly am putting lotion on my hands.

3. The very day after I graduated from high school, I moved from Georgia to Mississippi with my then-boyfriend (now husband). I've never really enjoyed being away from my mom for long periods of time so despite living down here for almost 3 years, I'm still very homesick.

4. I love old movies (especially musicals) and music. I'm probably one of the few 21 year olds who can can recognize Bing Crosby from Dean Martin just by ear lol.

5. Walt Disney is one of my most favorite people who have ever existed. I'm crazy about Disney movies and I love watching the bonus features where there is usually an episode of the Disneyland show. 9 times out of 10 I usually end up crying though.

6. I'm funny about my books. I'll take in some that are falling apart but I still treat them just as if they were brand new- like they're made of glass lol. I also have over 200 books I haven't read that I own, some of these have been sitting on my shelves for years...

7. Oh and I also have a thing about doing things in order like reading and reviewing. Even if a book can stand on it's own I refuse to read it until I've read it's previous ones (I have broken this rule once or twice so it's not set in stone). I'm 31 book and 19 movie reviews behind (about 3 months worth) because I also refuse to do my posts out of order.

Yep, I know how weird I am. How weird are you? If you've done this already, please leave a link in the comments. If you haven't, I would love for you to do so!!!


  1. Speaking of Disney, I was excited to see the new Sleeping Beauty release! That was always one of my favs! That and Lady & The Tramp. :-)


  2. I like YA fiction too. Sometimes it's nice to have a paranormal storyline without graphic sex.

    The only old movies I've seen (besides Miracle on 34th St) are Arsenic & Old Lace, Casablanca & North by Northwest. Which are all Cary Grant movies.

    I wish I was 31 book reviews behind! I too refuse to read a series out of order or post my reviews out of the order I've read them, but with all the homeschooling & stuff, my reading has slowed to a crawl.

  3. Old movies, check. Walt Disney, check. Reading books in order, check. Great meme! I love reading other people's quirks. Especially when I can relate to so many of them, LOL!

  4. lol...I just posted this meme too.
    I totally relate to #2

  5. Lezlie: Lol. I just watched it this morning. There are some great special features and even though I've always thought it was Disney's prettiest (although still not wonderful) film, it got even prettier!

    Mo: Old movies should be like a mandatory thing for people to see lol. I love Cary Grant. You should watch Bringing Up Baby and His Girl Friday. They're my favorites.

    Fuzzy Cricket: Lol! I love reading these too because I too can usually relate to some of their quirks abd others make me feel less quirky myself!

    Naida: I'll go check yours out soon.

  6. I grew up loving Walt Disney.. but the book out about him isn't very flattering to say the least. I never read the book because all the reviews kept saying not nice things. But I still cried the very first time I went to Disneyland! Walt was gone by then, and I think that made me sad.

  7. I'm a huge Walt fan too. Disney World is my most favorite place in the world!! I named my daughter after a Disney cartoon (Belle)...and I carry a Tinkerbell purse everywhere I go!!

  8. Alice:.... and proud of it!

    Deslily: I've read a few books about Disney that I liked but there are a few I know are written by Walt Disney- haters. While I don't care whether or not I read a biography from a fan, I certainly refuse to read one my someone who goes out of their way to try and bad mouth a good man. I've never actually been to Disneyland, or DisneyWorld :(

    Stephanie: Hubby promised me my first trip there but I still haven't been yet. Belle was my nickname in high school lol!

  9. Tink: going to disneyland was very emotional for me. I was married then and we were "bringing the kids to Disneyland".. but I was the one who watched "uncle Walt" on television as I was growning up and I was the one to cry on the tram ride into the park! Oh how I wished I had gotten a chance to meet him!

  10. LOLOLOL! Nope, I don't think you are weird at all. :) Love, love, love that photo of the lady. And we all should be very afraid of public doorknobs!

  11. Enjoyed reading your answers, Jen. I love Disney movies too...and my daughter is a fan too! :)

  12. I meant it in a good way.

    I get this myself all the time. And again this morning, when I was making notes about the book I was reading. Looks like the things that are normal to us, are weird to others. Hmmm...

  13. Deslily: You're still so lucky! I've only seen a handful of the Disneyland TV shows (those that are available on the DVD's). I grew up with the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday's but it's not the same. Usually they just showed a movie. :(

    J. Kaye: That pic kind of reminds me of your avatar lol. Oh but I'm afraid of private doorknobs too. I took out the trash this morning and after washing my hands I had to go and wipe down the front door where I had touched it.

    Melody: Disney movies are the best... well old Disney movies anyway!

    Alice: Oh, I know! Just being snarky.

  14. I wash my hands frequently too--and use lotion a lot as a result because they're so dry.

    I wish I had more of a backlog of reviews to post. I tend to post as I go, which means I spend more time online than I probably should. :-S


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