Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Shopping

Did anyone else brave the crowds and go shopping today? Hubby and I did over in Mobile, AL and OMG it was crazy! We did get some good deals though.

Darren (finally) broke down and bought a TomTom since he's been wanting one forever and we also got: three seasons of Nip/Tuck, two seasons of CSI: Miami, Hancock (which we just watched for the first time), and National Treasure 2. Then I got a few new clothes, a (much needed) belt, and a few books (the books altogether cost what one would have!):

Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep
Real Vampires Live Large by Gerry Bartlett

Still it was a little crazy and claustrophobic at times too. Somehow, I can't wait for the after- Christmas sales though!


  1. I have a rule, don't buy tv dvds unless they are under 20 dollars, sometimes if I really want it 25 will do. So if they are on sale I'm there! Got a few good ones yesterday! I saw people buying every single season of Sex and the City yesterday, I guess they were the cheapest I've ever seen them!

  2. I've never gone shopping on Balck Friday. I hate crowds. But I know theres some great deals out there.
    Looks like you got some great stuff :) I really liked Hancock.

  3. Alea: I refuse to buy a TV season if it's too expensive (there is one I want badly but for $80, they're out of their mind) too. The ones we bought were $15 a piece.

    Naida: Yes crowds are certainly no fun! I liked Hancock a lot more than I expected to but it wasn't as funny as I expected either.

  4. I know it's crazy! I'm still waiting for Ugly Betty to fall in price, it's been a long time since it came out! It should come down soon i hope!

  5. Some great buys there, Jen! :)

    I don't like crowds and will not go shopping during sales unless I really, really must.

  6. LOLOL! No, I stayed home and away from the crowds.


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