Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven Random Book Facts

I was going to wait and do this tomorrow but once I started thinking about it, I easily had my 7 weird/ random book facts which Melody tagged me for.

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  1. I think hardcovers are prettier but I prefer reading a paperback most of the time.

  2. I spent most of my time in middle school volunteering in the school library but I hardly ever even went inside my high school library!

  3. Despite the fact that I own over 200 books that I have never read (some I've had for years), I still continue to not only buy new ones but also pick up two or more a week from the library.

  4. I love reading a book and then watching the movie based on it. I even created an online book group called Books Into Movies. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble keeping up with both my blogs and my group so the group isn't doing so well anymore.

  5. I enjoy re-reading books I remember liking after about 5-10 years (sometimes sooner but rarely less than 2 years) because I forget things so easily. Also if I read the book when I was somewhat younger (like all Stephen King's books and some classics like The Secret Garden, Wind in the Willows, etc.), I'll discover things that I couldn't quite grasp before.

  6. I treat my books like they're made of glass most of the time. Even if I bought the book second (or third)-handed and it's in terrible shape, it will usually look the same years later because I treat them just as good as I do the brand new ones I bought.

  7. Non-fiction rarely intrigued me for years and then I realized that books I had avoided like biographies are essentially just books of trivia (I love trivia) and with the internet, I can look up what they're talking about (like when I read that Dolly Parton biography, the author would talk about a certain song and why she wrote it etc. and then I'd go listen to it online). I've also found that I enjoy doing this with books about animation or animated films like Michael Barrier's book Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation in its Golden Age. I think it took me three months to read that one since I can read a little and put it down to read something else (not to mention all that looking stuff up stuff takes time) unlike regular fiction. Right now I'm reading Shirley Temple's autobiography which I've had ever since I was about 10 years old. I've never managed to finish it though so this will be a first for me. I'm enjoying looking up and watching her films while she's talking about them (and giving behind-the-scenes trivia).


  1. Paperbacks are easier to hold and carry around too. But hardbacks certainly do look nice!

    I like reading the book and then watching the movie too. Sometimes, on the rare occasion, I do it the other way around. But if a movie was made about a book I've read, I want to see it!

    I enjoy reading your list, Jen!

  2. 200! Well, that made me feel better :P

    And I'm with you on paperbacks vs hardbacks.

  3. If given a choice between hardbacks and paperbacks, I'd definitely go for the latter. So much easier to carry around.

    I enjoy reading your answers!

  4. I prefer paperbacks too.
    The Shirley Temple autobiography sounds interesting. I watched the film based on her life. She met her hero Amelia Earhart! I though that was so cool.

  5. Thanks for playing, Jen! I love HCs, they're so pretty with the jacket cover and all...

    And I love reading the book and watching the movie too. I always love comparing them although I know the books are always the best! ;)

  6. Wendy: Thanks!

    Nymeth: I'll get around to doing an approximate count soon but yeah, it was over 200 last time I did :(

    Alice: Thanks!

    Naida: That film (Child Star) is actually based on this book.

    Melody: Thanks for tagging me! I've seen one or two movies that I liked better than the books but they are VERY rare.

  7. aaahhh..
    you forgot to tag people!

  8. I wish I could stay with paperbacks buy my eyes won't let me. I need hardback or tradepaperbacks for the slightly larger print and or double spacing now.

    I reread my favorite books every number of years! I have been doing that a lot this year but didn't get to them all. I will still have some re reads next year!

  9. Sheri: Oops! Well, I guess it doesn't matter since a good majority of people have already done it...

    DeLily: There are so many I would have liked to get around to re-reading this year but too many new books took their place lol.

  10. Good facts, Jen. I too prefer paperbacks to hardbacks. I even think paperbacks look better. Hardbacks are too cumbersome and they are bulky, clunky and unwieldy.

    I used to be like you and treated all my paperbacks with kid gloves. However, now I prefer a "weathered" paperback to a pristine one. I like the look of a well-read, well-loved paperback. I even try to "break in" my newer paperbacks. I don't like them damaged or destroyed, just "well-read".

  11. Oh I know what you mean about buying more books even if you've got piles at home waiting to be read! And I've also got a bad memory, so I can reread books almost as if I'd never read them before, if I wait long enough.


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