Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bookworm's Romance Reading Challenge 2009

I don't read as much straight romance as I do paranormal romance but Naida said that's okay so in addition to the 100+ Reading Challenge and the Library Book Challenge, I'm also joining her Romance Reading Challenge in 2009. Here are the rules:

1. Now, "Romance" isn't limited to steamy Harlequin novels. There is a huge selection of books in this category such as contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance to name a few. As long as the story has romantic love between the two main characters your selection will fit this challenge. The novels do not need to have a happy ending either, there can also be unrequited love.
2. Choose at least 5 novels read them between Jan 1st though Dec 31st 2009. You can change your choices at any time. Crossovers between other challenges are fine.
3. Read them at your own pace in 2009 then come here and post the link to your review(s).
4. Link your "RRC" choices here with any of the graphics she provides here

I haven't quite decided on my list yet as I tend to read what I want when I want so a list wouldn't help me. I do plan to be one of the first finished with this challenge though!

To sign up head over to Naida's blog.


  1. Good luck with the challenge, Jen! I am considering joining the 100 challenge, but am not sure yet. I've only ever hit 100 once since I've been keeping track of my reading and it might be too much pressure. We'll see. I still have time to think about it!

  2. Happy reading! I'm sure you'd finish the challenge in record time. LOL.

    I think I might just participate in this as well. Still thinking about it because I've committed to the "999 Challenge" hehee...


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