Monday, November 24, 2008

Musing Monday-Reading Peer Pressure

How do you feel about wide-spread reading phenomenons - Harry Potter, for instance, or the more current Twilight Saga? Are these books so widely read for a reason, or merely fads or crazes? Do you feel compelled to read - or NOT to read - these books because everyone else is?

Well, I discovered the Harry Potter books a couple of years before the movies came out so that craze really didn’t have any effect on me… actually to tell the truth, I was probably one of the people who helped push it on people in my area lol.

Now the Twilight books are a different story. Everyone, and I mean everyone I talked to on these book blogs just about had read them and raved about them and although it had vampires in it (which means that I knew I would love them), I still put off reading them until the very last second. The week before the movie (which I also loved) came out matter of fact!

I doubt I’ve ever really been compelled to read something because everyone else is. If I do cave to all of the “OMG, this is so good- you have to read it”-’s then it is always because the book (or series) sounds interesting to me... or is something one of my online book groups is reading :)


  1. You make a good point, the interest has to be there to sway me too. Yes, I want to know what people are talking about, but if the story sounds completely offputting then I'm not going to bother.

    Can I ask about the two books on your 'currently reading' sidebar - both look really good, are you enjoying them?

  2. As I seldom read about Vampires, I am not going to look up the Twilight series.

    And I do like Harry Potter.

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  3. I like vampires. I wish there had been more neck biting in Twilight.

  4. I agree - if the interest isn't there for me, I don't care who's reading it, I won't be. I'm not big on vampires anyway, so I wouldn't apprciate it like others would.

  5. Rebecca: Oh I love both of them. I put Child Star down for awhile because I'm in a more "fiction-y" mood right now though. Changeling is a great YA book though! Not only is the story interesting but I like being able to recognize the different faeries (and fictional characters from other books like Stuart Little)!

    Gautami Tripathy: At the core of Twilight, it's just a love story kind of like Romeo and Juliet. Glad you ike HP though!

    Beth F.: lol.

    Bluestocking: It threw me off at first but the author's reasons why made sense for the world she had built so I wasn't too bothered by it.

    Lisa: Yeah, there is no sense trying to read something you have no interest in. Me on the other hand, I love vampires and other paranormal creatures so HP and Twilight were right up my alley.

  6. I'm swayed to books as long as they're good, LOL. But I've to admit that it's the movies that got me started on Harry Potter series, haha.

  7. the hype only pushes me if I think I will like the books anyway. I'm not a vampire reader so these don't interest me, even with the movie released.

    as for harry potter... I guess I was going thru my non reading phaze (called trying to survive alone) so missed the hype, then my brother kept after me, "you have to read these books!" (3 were already out) and I read book one just when the movie came out and I was hooked!

  8. I pushed the HP books onto my friends and family


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