Saturday, December 6, 2008

Late Advent Calender

I apologize for missing out on my turn on the Advent Blog Tour! I haven't had internet access all week :( Before I lost it I was working on something so I'll post it incompletely below and I will also do my best to get new posts up on both of my other blogs by the end of the day. Again, I apologize.

Happy Holidays everybody! Two days ago was my turn on the Christmas Advent Calender and for reasons beyond my control I wasn't able to make it on time. For those that don't know me, my name is Ladytink_534 or Jen and I have three blogs: the one you're currently at, my Movieholic & Bibliophile Blog where I review books and some movies, and my Ladytink's Neverland where I review only animated or family-friendly movies. Below are some of my posts from Christmas past, most of the film ones include the entire Christmas special itself.

Films and Christmas Specials:
Frosty the Snowman
A Springwater Christmas by Linda Lael Miller


  1. Not to worry about being late. Some times this things can't be avoided! I will post something tomorrow to direct people here as well as the scheduled blogs.

    I was more concerned to make sure that you were okay rather than the missed day.

  2. Marg: Aw thanks! I still do feel bad about missing my day though.

  3. I just went 24 hrs without internet and it drove me nuts! I don't want to think of a week of it! ack!
    glad you are back and all is ok!!

  4. Hi, Jen! I always love your holiday posts. :-) I'm glad to see you are back.

  5. Glad to see that you are back online. I would have been going crazy without online access :)

  6. DesLily: I decided to re-read a book series so it helped pass the time. I have to admit that I am glad to be back though!

    Wendy: I'm glad! I just put up a new one over on the Neverland blog :)

    Samantha: Happy to be back but it wasn't too bad after the first day lol.

  7. As they say, better late than never! It's good to have you back :)

  8. Wow! I am so sorry that you are still having trouble. If I am not being too noisy, who is your internet provider or is there another problem?

  9. Nymeth: Lol. Thanks! Glad to be back.

    J. Kaye: Not nosy lol. It's running like a dream now, there was something wrong with some part of it. I don't know anything about computers thats hubby's area of expertise. All I know is I bugged him till he fixed it and made it work even better!

  10. So you are back online now? All is fine in WWW land. ;)

  11. glad to see you back online tink, great Advent post :)

  12. Thanks for the post. Internet troubles are the worst aren't they? It is all the catching up afterwards that is the killer.

  13. Hi there! I was wondering where you vanished too, glad to see you are back online. I was keeping my eyes open to see if you posted late or not, but I guess I forgot to check yesterday. I posted on my blog too that you have your post up now. Glad you joined in!

    As to the internet, I have had bad luck with internet for years. We have had to replace everything, I swear. It's no fun at all!

  14. J. Kaye: Lol. Missed you guys!

    Naida: Thanks!

    Kerrie: OMG tell me about it lol. I had over 1000+ posts to catch up on my Google Reader when I got back!

    Kailana: Lol I'm back for good now! Thanks for doing that, hope you and your readers enjoy these links.

  15. But you managed to get online now and that is great. I am going to check out your other blogs right away.

  16. I loved all those movies.

    I am so paranoid, that one day my computer will die. Especially now, since I have become addicted to blogging.

    Last year our computer did crash, but it didn't bother me as much as it would now. Yikes.

  17. I'm catching up with the advent blog tour, so I'm sorry I'm late with my comment. I am so glad to see you were able to post, I was looking at both your other sites, trying to find the post! And I hate being without a computer, so poor you being without one for that long.
    Do you have a favourite Christmas movie, or are the ones included all special ones to you? I do like how you have included so many different ones.
    Thank you for the post, and you have given us a lot of movies to look at and remember seeing ourselves as children! Happy holidays!

  18. Bogsider: Hope you enjoy them!

    Vickie: They are great, aren't they? There are a few more I'd like to watch and review before Christmas- namely It's a Wonderful Life. A computer crashing is a whole lot of NOT fun lol.

    Susan: My favorite holiday movie is probably The Year Without a Santa Claus but I tend to have lots of other favorites too :o) Happy holidays to you too!


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