Saturday, December 13, 2008

M&M Love

M&M's are some of my favorite candies but I especially like them in cookies! Has anyone tried those Premiums yet? The chocolate almond and the triple chocolate have me drooling. Hopefully I'll get some in my stocking this year! ;o)

So what's your favorite M&M? Plain? Peanut? Dark Chocolate? Almond? Other?

Do you hate these questions? I decided instead of the polls I'd have sort of a discussion type thing whenever I posted a new review on either blog that would somehow relate to it.


  1. I got these new M&M's that are green and crispy with mint flavor. They're so good! I never heard of the one you mentioned. Sounds yummy though.

  2. I like the plain ones! I'm not a fan of nuts or of dark chocolate, so the plain ones are actually the only ones that work for me.

  3. Rachel: Those were some of the first released of the Premium M&Ms. I'm not a big fan of mint but hubby loves it so I plan on getting him some soon.

    Nymeth: I don't like dark chocolate or peanuts really but I love almonds!

  4. I love the peanut M&M's
    I havent had the Premiums yet.
    And I dont hate these questions, they are fun :)

  5. I LOVE M&Ms! I don't mind any of them... and I also love them in ice-cream! ;P

  6. Naida: My dad is a big fan of the peanut ones. Thanks!!!

    Melody: I don't really like them in ice cream because I prefer my chocolate either room temperature or melting lol.

    Alice Teh: I love the mini plain ones the best!


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