Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frosty the Snowman was a Jolly, Happy Soul

Georgia isn't really a good place for snow. My entire life, I've probably seen it snow enough to cover the entire yard (lightly, with plenty of bare spots) maybe three or four times. Most of the time, it just sprinkles a teeny, tiny bit of snow and then it rains or ices over-- NOT fun.

I realized the other day while watching Frosty that I'd never actually built a snowman (I know, I've been deprived)! Nor have I ever seen snow as beautiful (and plentiful) as it is in the Frosty the Snowman cartoons so this year I find myself dreaming of a white Christmas...

How about you? Have you ever built a snowman? Don’t forget to drop by and check out my Frosty the Snowman and Frosty’s Winter Wonderland posts!


  1. oh yeah! I've built many a snowman! A few times I've built a "whole family", dad and toddler snowfolks! brother once made a mermaid in the snow! But the snow you need to make snowmen isn't what we usually get.. but when you get it.. it's beautiful! (except that it's wet and very heavy to shovel.. so it's only fun to those who play in the snow! lol)

  2. Yup, I've built many a snowman but then in Canada it's impossible to escape the snow. I love Frosty and I faithfully watch it every year and will no matter how old I get-lol.

  3. No snowmans for me, sniff. The few times it snowed here there wasn't even enough for a snowball fight :P

  4. DesLily: Lol. That mermaid sounds really neat!

    Dar: I have the complete cartoon up on my other blog with my opinion and plenty of links!

    Nymeth: I'm sorry. I still bet it looks more fun than it actually is... I'm not much for the cold *shudder*

  5. I have built one and it was in!

  6. awwww...I hope you can build a snowman someday. I have built a few :) its fun.

  7. Aw, that's sad you've never made a snowman. As soon as it snows, my kids ask if it's good snowman/ snowball snow. It has to be the right consistency.

    Even funner than snowmen is sliding down a hill.
    Maybe someday you'll get to build a snowman.

  8. J. Kaye: I'd really like to build one of those pristine white ones like Frosty :(

    Naida: I'm not too heartbroken about it since I'm not very good with cold weather but I do hope it snows while we're in Georgia (we're leaving to go Friday!!!)

    RaiderGirl: Yeah, I've only ever experienced slush or ice. It's still slide-able though if you're using something other than a sleigh... like a heavy-duty rubber raft thing lol.

  9. I wish we've snow here, Jen! So far, I've only seen snow once during my honeymoon in New Zealand. We took a helicopter ride to Mt. Cook and wow, it's beautiful!


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