Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My December Reads

December Books
Total books read: 9
New Authors: 1
Books in a Series: 7
Mystery: 2
Non-Fiction: 0
Romance: 5
Children or YA Fiction: 1

No Rest for the Wiccan by Madelyn Alt
Jinx by Jennifer Estep
Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep

The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library by Alice Kimberly
Santa Baby by Crusie, Foster, & Phillips (anthology)
The Kitchen Witch by Annette Blair
The Ghost and the Dead Deb by Alice Kimberly


  1. wow, great reads for December. I was lucky if I managed to finish one book this month. lol.

  2. Nice month of December! Looks like you read some good books :)

  3. 9 books read in December! I'm most impressed! I doubt if I turned 9 pages, it's been so crazy here. :) Good for you!!

  4. Great list! I really pray Gena Showalter has another book coming out soon.

  5. I've not read any of the books you listed in December but Jinx sounds nice...

  6. Naida: Lol. I read all but two of these before the 19th. Once I got to Georgia it was extremely hard to find a moment to myself!

    Samantha: Oh I did! My favorite was probably the Estep books and the Madelyn Alt one (love this series!).

    Bellezza: Thank you! I think my Google Reader is what suffered though...

    J. Kaye: Oh me too! I heard that Sabin's story is supposed to be next in The Darkest Whisper (2009)

    Alice Teh: Jinx is the third book in the Bigtime superhero series which I really love. I'm a little scared about whether or not there will be enough demand for her to write more though :(


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