Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jason Bourne vs. James Bond

I found this fun video at one of Matt Damon's fan sites. E! Online is having a poll on who is better Jason Bourne or James Bond. I've only seen one Bourne movie, Dr. No and I actually enjoyed it but I haven't gotten around to see any of the others yet (and you know how nutty I am about reading/ seeing things in order!).

So, what about you, James Bond or Jason Bourne? Don't forget to visit my review of the three Bourne films!


  1. I agree with what Matt Damon and Daniel Craig had to say about the differences between the two characters--and the movies. I love Daniel Craig as Bond and it's really increased my interest and respect in the movies (I've seen them all). Still, Jason Bourne has the edge in my mind. There may be fewer movies in that series, but I've loved every one of them. I can't say that about all the James Bond movies. And I do adore Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. So, Jason Bourne wins my vote.

  2. I've got to go with Bourne in terms of film quality and entertainment! In terms of the men...well, I'd have to say Mr Craig!

  3. just want to wish you a Merry Christmas Tink! I hope it's the best one so far!

  4. J. Kaye: Thanks!

    Wendy: I'd have to go with him too :)

    Mariel: Lol. Yeah, Craig is hotter than Damon even if Damon is a bit more down-to-earth.

    DesLily: Thanks! Hope you had a great one too and got lots of books!

  5. hi tink, cute care bears!
    I've only seen one Bourne movie too. I like them both though, but I think I like Bond better.


  6. Thanks Naida! I did it awhile back but after I took down my Christmas header I realized I liked having one on this blog too so I had to post this one.


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