Sunday, December 14, 2008

Musing Monday- Reading On the Go

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about reading on the go…

I always like to have a book with me at all times – call it a nerdy grown-up security blanket – and rarely do I leave the house without slipping one into my bag (even if I KNOW I’m not going to have a chance to read it). Do you take a book with you? Do you take whatever book you’re currently reading, or do you have a special on-the-go book? And do you have a preference for a these types of book (paperback, hardback; short stories; poetry etc)?

I tend not to carry a purse too often nowadays but when I do (and did), I'd always have my current read stashed inside. I've never bought a bag that a book wouldn't fit inside lol.


  1. I always carry a bag that allows to fit in a book! LOL. Or else, the trip will be so boring without a book!

  2. I sometimes will take a big book with me when I go purse shopping to make sure I get the right size. :-)

    I love those cloth bookcovers with handles. They are very convenient when I have a book that won't fit in my purse or if I am not able to have a purse with me.

  3. Melody: Amen!

    Wendy: Never heard of those. Sounds neat though!

    Naida: My purse just doesn't feel right without the heft of a book lol.

  4. Oh yeah, can't leave home without it!


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